Monday, June 11, 2012

What I Am Doing On USA Love List | Update

I joined as the contributing Beauty Editor earlier this year.  I love it!  It is a great thing to be part of team.  We recently went to the Bloggy Boot Camp Conference in Philly and got to know each other better.  Our Fashion Editor had to dash off but the site Founder and I went on to enjoy the evening in the city after soaking up all that new perspective.

Brainstorming over cocktails at sunset in a high rise is my kind of night.  If you live in or visit Philly you won't be disappointed with the cocktail list at R2L.  Unencumbered was my favorite drink of the night and it was delicious.

Back to online affairs.
I am reviewing and researching new and old products in USA Love List's efforts to promote American made products for consumers who wish to support those companies.  We don't just promote something because it's made in the USA, we sift through the products and companies to showcase only the best of quality.

A few of my favorite things about contributing on USA Love List.
- The crossover between made in the USA items and eco friendly items, not all things have the two in common but many do.
- Learning of many small companies producing fantastic things that could easily be loved mainstream.
- Discovering even more about product labels (I am label reading obsessed, I like to know the who, why, what, when and where in the stuff I use) the country of origin and the whole manufacturing process in general. 

Guess what I can't find that I really want to feature, makeup brushes made in the US.  Any takers on helping me scout some out?

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