Friday, March 30, 2012

My New Role Discovering Made in the USA Beauty Product's!

I am the new Beauty Editor for USA Love List.  I join the site's founder Sarah and Fashion Editor Jill.  Here is what USA Love List is all about.
  • Telling you about the very best of Made in the USA products. 
  • Making it easy for you to find them and recommend them to your friends. 
  • Encouraging you to ask for them in stores and from the companies you want to do business with.
Rest assured this is not a radical approach to shopping or political crusade.

A word from the founder about what we are not about...
"We are not going to tell you to buy something you don't love, just because it is made in the USA. Likewise, we are not going to tell you you shouldn't buy something you want or need simply because it is made elsewhere. Sounds groovy enough, but to be honest, it can get sticky too. In this global market, sometimes it is hard to pin down where some things come from. Some products are assembled in the United States with parts made elsewhere. Many companies make some products in the United States but not all.  And often, it is very hard to find clear information on where something is made at all.  It is our simple intention to recognize companies for the efforts they take to support American workers and communities. We will research and contact and post information as we are able to gather it, hopefully saving you effort along the way. But if you have concerns or information to share about any product on this site please, by all means, contact us directly and we will thank you for it."

My goal at USA Love List is to provide the readers and consumers with information and current trends about beauty products made in the USA.  At Amarie Beauty my goal is to continue to share tricks of the trade as an Esthetician.  That means more DIY routines, product information and how to's are coming.

Thank you for your support and I hope you take some time to peek at my new venture.  Today we are looking at some of the big names in beauty and some products they manufacture right here in the USA... check it out, it's easier to support American workers than you might think!

USA Love List

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Quick Fuller Looking Lips | Tip Off Tuesday

Add a little dab of highlighter to the bottom middle of your lower lip to create a fuller looking lip.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Suave Dry Shampoo

I was not a fan of the first dry shampoo I tried.  It left my hair with a powdery and damp feeling.  With all the buzz about it extending the life of blow outs and giving great volume I did not want to settle with one and done.  Suave was promoting their new line, Suave Professionals at the time so that was it.
image source
Redemption for dry shampoo it was.
  • absorbed the extra oils without clumping them together, making it stringy or damp
  • made volumizing easy
  • lightly scented
  • priced at less than $3 dollars
Suave Dry Shampoo works as directed, better than expected and my favorite feature is the volume it gives.  I use it for that purpose alone if my hair is exceptionally flat on any given day.

To use it for adding volume only use very little being careful to spray it the recommended 10 inches away from your hair.  Let it set for it minute, comb through and style away.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Timeless Trend | Nautical Fashion

Timeless Trend | Nautical

Timeless Trend | Nautical by amariebeauty featuring a glitter nail polish

Nautical fashion is classic and timeless.  You can wear it as it was traditionally styled or borrow elements and mix them with current trends. 
The most recognizable nautical piece is the navy and white stripes.  Simple, stylish and easily matched to many colors and styles. 
The most versatile piece in nautical wear is the wide leg trouser.  Dress them up or down or wear to work.
wide leg trouser

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Try Cat Eyes | Tip Off Tuesday

Cat eyes are fun way to play up your eyes and change up your look dramatically.  To try cat eyes use a liquid liner with a thin brush.  That will give you the most precise control over the size and angle of the line you create.

Keep liquid foundation handy.  A dot of that on the end of qtip makes the perfect eraser for eye makeup mistakes.  Read that tip here.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hair Health for Thin Hair and Hypothyroidism

Last week the Share the Beauty series started off with favorite hair tools and this week it's all about hair health. 

I have thin hair.  I have an under active thyroid which is usually treated with a daily pill but occasionally it gets out of wack even with that.  Hair loss is one of the problems.  I lost about a quarter of my hair during my last phase of out of wackness so as it fills back in I need to protect what I have left.  Oh and if that is not enough of a pain the medicine used to regulate Hypothroidism can also contribute to hair loss when used long term. 

I use sulfate free shampoo to eliminate some of the extra chemicals in traditional shampoo and treat my hair gently. 

Renpure Organics Volumizing Shampoo is my daily shampoo.
It does not strip my hair of all moisture therefore making it resistant to damage and breaking, I lose much less hair with this as my primary shampoo.  Hair styles hold better and are easier to style when your hair is not squeaky clean a.k.a striped.  I get good volume using just this shampoo, a round brush and my hair dryer.

Occasionally, less than every 2 weeks and depending on how many products I have used, I do need to clarify my hair with a traditional shampoo or it gets the greasy look. 

I also use Evening Primrose Oil to promote the regrowth of healthy hair and protect the fragile hair I have.  This most definitely slowed the rate at which my hair was falling out and I am having faster re-growth with the addition of this supplement as opposed to when I did not use it.

Visit the link below for lots more beauty info. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Little Bit of Green


St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day by amariebeauty featuring a green clutch

If you want to throw a little something festive together without going full on Leprechaun, just accessorize with green. 

See more fashion at the Blonde Episodes by clicking the link below.     

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tribal Nail Art | Pictorial

1. Apply coral color all over.  This one was compliments of Mom2Memphis&Ruby.
2. Add 2 coats of gold nail polish as a side stripe.
3. Make tiny connected triangles using a nail art brush in black polish.
4. Connect the triangles with a solid line across the bottom using the same black.
5. Connect the triangles across the top.
6. Using a nail art brush in green make three dots above each triangle and diagonal slants in the opposite corner.
7. Alternate black lines with the bright green ones from step 6.

I love nail art but my attention span runs thin.  That is why the ring finger design is perfect, not just for the tribal design but any design.  It doesn't take all day and it isn't as busy as a pattern on every finger.  Win, win.

This is my first pictorial so please share any feedback you have via comments or inbox.  I have some fun how to's coming up and want to know how you would like to see them?

Try these tips next time you are doing your own manicure to make it look better and last longer.

Bigger, more detailed tutorial?

Loving tribal prints?  Check out yesterday's post for some wearable looks.

A Little or a Lot. Tribal Print

Add it to your basic wardrobe with accessories or shoes. Wear a big, bold tribal print all over.  If you like it, try it some how. All styles pieces below are less than $45 and as low as $8.50. 
Tribal Print

Check back tomorrow for a simple tribal nail art pictorial.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tip Off Tuesday: Best Prep for Self Tanner

I realize exfoliation is clearly highlighted on the directions of self tanning products...but do you want an advantage?

A dry physical exfoliation is the best way to prep the skin for even coverage.  You will need a body mitt or body brush.  That's it, no fancy product required.
  1. Smooth over your entire skin with a brush or mitt to loosen up the dead skin cells.
  2. Rinse off in the shower keeping your skin free from oils and other products.
Pay extra attention to any excessive dry patches, your elbows and knees.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Favorite Hair Tool - To the Rescue...

You can make a hairstyle happen with nothing more than a few of these.  When your hair is just not listening, don't fight it, reach for the bobby pins.
  1. Pin back unruly bangs.
  2. Secure a top knot.
  3. Gather, twist and pin a messy bun.
bobby pins

Of course they come through in a pinch but they are great to have on hand for an actual planned hair style too.  The messy bun is my go to do.  Love it and my bobby pins.  The fun colored pins are from Forever 21 but my number 1 tool is these pins from Sally Beauty Supply matched to my hair color.  
My favorite hair stylist once tipped me off on using bobby pins and getting the style to stay put.  Don't pull the pins apart when securing them to your hair.  Slide them in toward the scalp with the open end facing away from your hair line.  It works!

For more hair tool faves visit Yellow Heart Art.  Yellow Heart Art, Things and The Trunk Blog are hosting a series of beauty link ups and posts each week.  Check it out, there is already some great tips on all three blogs with more to come.

Friday, March 9, 2012

What to Wear in Transitional Weather

Spring, it's warm, it's cold, it does what it does.  All you want to do is break out the skirts, sandals and tank tops at the first sprout of green grass.   Go ahead, pull out your faves and pair them with some warmer wear to transition from one season to the next.
Transitional Wear

These pieces are great for transitional weather and for getting more wear out of your favorite finds.  What do you wear, what can't you wait to wear when transitioning from winter to spring??  Do share.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kid Style: Pair and Wear Pieces

The picks below are my fave five items to stock up on, plus a pair of shoes.  The ability to create more looks with less pieces is key to saving some cash when outfitting the kids and their ever changing sizes.  Check out the whole mini series on Kid Style here
KId Style

A versatility breakdown.  These pieces are perfect for layering, mixing and matching. 
  • Leggins are great alone and for transitioning into skirts, dresses and shorts as the seasons change.
  • Long sleeve tee's can be layered under favorite tees in cold months, with a cardi, or alone and layered.
  • Tee's and tanks can be paired with jackets, worn alone and are a must for layering.  
  • Cardigan's can be dressed up or down and also help get more wear through the season's.  
  • Flats.  What don't they go with?  Most versatile shoe for little girls.
Choose neutral and favorite colors to stock the basics and maximize outfit options.   

I hope you found some cash saving style inspiration for the little people in your life while reading Kid Style.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tip Off Tuesday: Speed Up the Pimple Process

You can use a clay facial mask to target a problem spot.   Speed up the pimple process by drawing it to the surface so it's ready to pop sooner.  Slather on a healthy amount of the mask and leave it on for at least 30 minutes.  

A clay based mask works by removing impurities from the skin by drawing them out of the pores.
Pore Refining Mask
Moisturize liberally after removing the product.  As it purifies it also removes moisture from the skin's surface.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Shiatsu for Healthy, Youthful Skin

Shiatsu in Japanese means finger pressure.

Shiatsu is a common form of massage using your finger tips.  Many spa's include it as part of a facial for it's benefits to the skin.  To reap the rewards at home you can incorporate into your daily cleansing routine.  It's simple just more intentional then applying the cleanser and rinsing it off. 

The manipulations stimulate circulation and cellular turnover which also bring more oxygen to the skins surface revealing glowing and more healthy skin.  Other benefits to your face are:  
  • diminished puffiness by stimulating circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • improved skin tone
  • exfoliation of dead skin cells revealing younger looking skin
  • stimulation of collagen production keeping skin fuller and free of fine lines longer
Below is the simple method of adding Shiatsu to your cleansing routine, it's for all skin types efficient, and free.

While cleansing your face glide around smoothly while doing intervals of shiatsu in the *target areas.   Hold the pressure on your target point for a 3-5 second count and release gliding to the next target area. 

Try this when doing your next facial at home.

*target areas = forehead, along the brow bone, beneath the eye socket, along the sinuses, above the upper lip, and the corners of your mouth 


If anyone has other non conventional methods of keeping your skin healthy please share them. It is not all about the latest, greatest and most expensive product but more about the habits you keep and methods you use in skin care.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Because I am One | Pisces

Pisces.  Whimsical, emotional, creative and intuitive.  A bit idealistic, indecisive and elusive.   Of course lover of sea colored pieces.

Pisces by amariebeauty featuring a multi strand chain necklace

This simple style only includes a few pieces.  The white shirt dress is a clean slate and does not compete with the accessories but showcases their clear direction of personal style.  

Trends Simplified: A Piece of Pastel, Not the Whole Cake.

I love black, so I planned on skipping the pastel thing all together until I became obsessed with it.  The colors are just catchy.  I do not have, or want, the kind of style that screams Easter Bunnies little helper and I know many of you out there can relate.  So here are a few ways to try pastels just a little bit.
Piece of Pastel

Add any of the accessories to your regular ensemble for a pop of the spring trend.  Get a little bolder with an outfit like pictured above, use a neutral of your choice to anchor it and make your own.

Who is trying pastel and how?


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kid Style: Get a Current Trend without Shopping

If you have your basics stocked and picked up extra pieces along the way chances are you can make anything work to keep the little people stylin'.  Some kids could care less, others have fashion on the brain.  For those kids eyeballing the latest looks help them style it with the pieces they have.