Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TIp Off Tuesday: Look Alive with Brighter Cheeks and Simple Eyes

Sleepless night got you looking dull?  Brighten up your face by using a blush brush to apply a bright cheek color to the apples of your cheeks.  Blend well.  Keeps your eyes simple and use a neutral shade all over eyelid.  Skip liner and just add a few coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.  

Start this look after you have hydrated your skin well and applied the correct amount of coverage needed to even out skin tone and conceal any problem areas. 

My favorite bright blush is Cover Girl Cheekers in Classic Pink and a great 'go to' neutral eyeshadow pick is  Mark. custom color in Biscotti.

Friday, September 9, 2011

State of Emergency

Well the shift of priorities for our household changed this week.  All craft projects are shelved and beauty regimens halted.

Our township is in a state of emergency due to flooding.  We are fortunate here in our home to be dry and have electricity.  We do not have running water.  We have two cases of bottled water to use for drinking, hand and dish washing.  Rain water was collected to flush toilets.  We have friends staying with us as they live in an evacuated area.

All roads in and out of our neighborhood are flooded over and closed.  The National Guard is working on getting drinkable water to the area.  The local emergency crews have some drinking water available for those who are in need.  The community has pulled together, a local produce distributor is giving fresh fruits and vegetables away, another family is grilling hot dogs and handing them out.  

So for now our creating is more Laura Ingalls Wilder esque.  Think of make shift dish washing, hand cleaning, and creative toilet flushing.  Not really my forte girlfriends.  I feel like I am earning Girl Scout badges over here, without the yummy thin mint cookies to make it worth while.  

This last tidbit of info, all though completely unimportant considering the state we are in, it is what a gal would expect from me.  It is my do not have running water, am stranded by nasty flood water and may lose power beauty kit...

  • facial cleansing wipes
  • hand sanitizer
  • tinted moisturizer
  • mascara
  • lip gloss
  • blush
  • water
  • matches
  • candle

I also have larger quantities of the essentials, water, matches and candles in our kitchen, you know for the practical side of life. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aloe Vera Gel the Eyebrow Gel Bargain | Tip Off Tuesday

Eyebrows are the frame of your facial features.  Save your money to book your routine brow upkeep and skip on the pricey brow gel.  Keep brows looking precise and in place with a dab of Aloe Vera Gel

Grab it for a few dollars at drug or discount stores. 

Using Aloe Vera as  eyebrow gel is one of many uses.  I use it on my clients after a wax to reduce redness and seal the opened up pores.  It has anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.  
It's most commonly used for sunburn relief but try it to take the red out of a pimple.  Use it to seal in moisturizer in the drying winter months.  
You can't go wrong with this purchase. You will stash it for some usage!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Leopard for Less Than $50

Leopard Under $100

Every season pumps out a few new trends.  Most are out just as quickly as they come in so until you find something you love that fits in perfectly with your style, don’t spend a fortune on a trendy piece. Try it out first with a low ticket item. 

Oasis pointed shoes
£40 - oasis-stores.com

ASOS clutch hand bag
$27 - asos.com

Mixit animal print jewelry
$16 - jcpenney.com

Banana republic
$50 - bananarepublic.com

Ally Fashion | LEOPARD SCARF | 24-NEW ARRIVALS | Ally Fashion Pty Ltd
$15 - allyfashion.com

So you find out you absolutely love this trend you tried, it meshes into your wardrobe perfectly and makes you feel like a million bucks.  Go ahead invest in a little statement piece or a standout staple item.  Watch for sales, check consignment shops and hit the the thrift stores, snag your splurge for a steal!

If I were splurging on leopard prints, I would be all over this... 
Untitled #5

MICHAEL Michael Kors michael kors handbag
$248 - neimanmarcus.com