Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Minimize Wide Set Eyes | Tip Off Tuesday

makeup corrections for wide set eyes

How to minimize the appearance of wide set eyes.
  • Apply a darker shade of eye shadow from the inner corner of the eye toward your nose.  
  • Blend a lighter shadow from the middle toward the outer corner.
  • Apply mascara with inward strokes. 
That is the basic makeup correction for wide set eyes.  Dark colors have a minimizing effect so using this technique draws the space together.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arm Party | Handmade Accessorizing

Earrings used to be my must have, do not go without accessory but that changed to bracelets some time ago.  I especially love custom and hand made jewelry so when I heard about the Arm Party I was all over it.

The hosts of the fabulous exchange are:
Leonora of Yellow Heart Art and Ilene of Much Love, Illy


I usually just make things on a whim, I dig around in my supplies, searching for things that I find to meet the crazy vision that has randomly popped into my head.  This usually steers me way off coarse and leads to under production of things that should happen but to the production of fabulous jewelry.

To design my Arm Party bracelet for Janeen my exchange partner I did not veer to far of my usual creative course.  I did check her blog out to troll for ideas and thanks to the Arm Parties handy, dandy, little google doc, I had an email telling me what colors she was in to.  I made her two bracelets, one using vintage buttons and the other using tee shirt scraps.  Go check  Wild Vanilla Designs to see her reveal of the goods I mailed for the Arm Party.

The bracelet I received from Janeen was crafted for me with thought.  She went through my blog and totally "got me".  She inclosed a sweet note card and my bracelet was tucked in a pretty little bag.  The clasp is my favorite part and I am obsessed with it.  The purple wire is killer.  Her work is very detailed and done flawlessly.  Here it is...

How about a front shot...

I am a pleased party par taker.  I love the look of three in one.  The metal is beautiful and does not irritate my skin.  The colors are the business!  Looking forward to seeing other designs in the Arm Party link up.

Anyone have a favorite, unconventional, material they like to use when creating jewelry?  I love to repurpose so unconventional material is usually the method to my madness.   Designs for jewelry is not my specialty, it is my favorite hobby.  My craft is being a Makeup Artist and licensed Esthetician, the premise of this place is sharing tips, beauty DIY's and skin care info.  Please stick around and poke through some posts!  XOXO

I will be back later today with my usual Tip Off Tuesday!

You can find Janeen at here site Wild Vanilla Designs or on twitter @wildvanilla.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Turqouise Fashion Love

Turquoise Beauty

Turquoise Beauty by amariebeauty featuring deborah lippmann nail polish

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors of summer, anytime really.   Summer suits it so well and I wear out!  Anyone else accent with turquoise like a fiend?  Turquoise is a color that adds personality to any look.  All it takes is a pop for some impact.

turqouise pop

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hydrate Your Skin by Drinking Water | Tip Off Tuesday

Drink More Water

One of the easiest and most overlooked ways to keep your skin hydrated is by drinking enough water.  By keeping your body system running optimally with plenty of water you do your skin a huge favor.  Great skin is about more than what you put on it, what goes in your body matters most.

When your body isn't getting enough water it pulls the hydration from every available source it can leaving your pretty skin dull, depleted and dehydrated. 

Drink up!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Review | An Updo Shortcut!

I am not much of hair do'er.  I give myself a nice blow out and smooth it with the flat iron to wear it down for about twenty minutes before pulling it up ASAP.  It works and I like the method to my madness but its not exactly polished.

I now have a go to, quick do, that can be formal, casual or business that takes no longer than pinning up a messy bun but is more refined.  It is the Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip.  It is a seemingly simple design with a patented pin and beaded wire design.

Once my clip arrived, I thought to myself, no way is this clip going to flex around hair.  It seemed to stiff.  Well, it's not stiff.  Somehow while being ultra durable it is also flexible enough to work around hair with ease.

It took me no more than sixty seconds to have my hair up and looking fantastic, in the french roll none the less.

They have simplistic designs as well as full on glitz clips.  I choose the gold Celtic Knot design.  The quality of the clip is well made.  The ease of use is unbelievable.  It is a hair game changer ladies.  With the Flexi-Clip bad hair days are null.  Bobby pins used to be my hair rescuer of choice, and I still love them, but if time is of the essence I pick up the Flexi-Clip.  No fuss, no muss and it is done.  

Watching the Lilla Rose sizing and styling video is a helpful and important tool in choosing the right size clip.  It is important to order the correct size to be completely satisfied with your Flexi-Clip.  If you so happen to choose the wrong size Lilla Rose will glady exchange your clip for free within 90 days.  There is also a 1 year guarantee for defective items. 

Independent Consultant Jennie Stocks is giving away a certificate, valued up to $16, for a Flexi-Clip of the winners choice.  There are multiple ways to enter the giveaway.  Just click the Do it! button for instructions on each entry.

The giveaway will close at midnight, 8/27/12.  Good luck!  A winner will be selected randomly, their entries verified and notified by email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
[Disclosure: Amarie Beauty received this product unconditionally for review purposes. My opinions are my always my own, fair and honest.  This giveaway is sponsored by Independent consultant Jennie Stocks.]

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Lift Drooping Eyelids Using Makeup | Tip Off Tuesday

Drooping or low eyelids can be visually lifted using makeup to correct the look.  Obviously this is no miracle, we won't be picking up a scalpel or anything just using a little cosmetic correction technique. 
  • Keep the under area of the outer brow tweezed to provide a better arch.
  • Use eyeshadow to shade along the eyelid fold, blend and smudge outward.
  • Place highlighter directly under and along the eyebrow arch.
  • Eyeliner should be applied very thin and thickened slightly at the outside corner in a point to provide a lifted look.
The RIGHT eye pictured marked R has the eyebrows tweezed less and no highlighter added.
The LEFT eye pictured marked L was tweezed using the method described above and the highlighter was added along the arch.

In doing the outlined steps above you keep the attention from drawing downward and away from the lowering eyelid.
Highlighter on the arch of the brow is a nice way to showcase any eye type.  Keep those eyebrows looking precise and held in place using this DIY brow gel.

side note:  I realize my eyelids aren't exactly hanging low but you get the idea of how you can open and lift the space.