Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tis' the Season to Repurpose and Wrap it up!

Pinterest is ever so inspiring.  I got some of my handmade gift ideas there this year.  Most of my crafting comes from loving to repurpose and reuse common things.

Let's take it from the top and work clockwise, shall we...

1.  Wrapped Bangle, no pin to link to for this one.  Wrapping out of style cheap-o jewelry is kinda my fave thing to do.  I usually use fabric scraps but I picked this cotton string up for the organic look. 
2.  Newsprint bow, never again will this gal buy a bow, well close to never.  See the instructions here.  What's in the package you ask???  A DIY scarf, see that post here..
3.  Twig Candle Holder, nature + reused glass jar = awesome.  Here is how to do it.

Handmade gifts offer something original and personal for the receiver.  The giver gets a chance to channel in to their creative side.  I say it's a win, win. 


  1. Those are great ideas. My favorite is the twig candle holder.

  2. Hi Angie!! Thanks for tour sweet xomenta on my blog. Living all Thai red and green too:) merry Xmas. Following you right back sista!!

  3. Thanks! Enjoy the Holiday's, I know you all will be eating GOOD!

  4. Surprise Surprise the candle holder was for ME. For anyone that wants to give as a gift it's a great one, and when the candle is lite the flame flickers through the twigs and looks really neat. Thanks Ang.

  5. Your welcome! It did look cool, that is why I almost stole it.