Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mom Mode Wardrobe Essentials

These items were put together with the lifestyle of a Mom at the fore front.
Mom Mode Wadrobe Staples

When you are trying to build your adult wardrobe think about styles that fit your body type, identify your personal style and translate into your daily life well.
Basics are good start when you simply can’t buy everything you want.  Having the right basic pieces help you mix and match and create more outfits.  Using accessories can give an outfit a sense of style and make it your own.
Always start with under garments that do the job right.  Proper fit is key to how clothes will hang on your body.
Run with your signature color, you know the one.  The color that you are always drawn too and makes you feel your absolute best.  Be on the look out for sales on those type of pieces and invest in some quality keepers.  For the more trendy items that help fill in the gaps pick inexpensive items. 

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