Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Kid Style: A Restyled Skirt

This skirt is a favorite from Abercrombie kids.  It was a hand me down and the distressed hole it came with looked more like a raggedy hole.  It needed to be upcycled for sure.

I wanted the boho-shabby look.  To create the look I added a patch to the hole, and repurposed an old tee shirt into a braided belt and infinity scarf to pair with it.

The patch is part of a embroidered tunic that my little red head wore as a baby.  I cut the piece I needed to size and sewed it on with my machine to insure it was durable for washing and wearing.  The repurposed accessories were exactly my speed because they were a no sew project!  Simple steps of cutting and stretching the fabric and we were in business.