Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cuticle Care | Tip Off Tuesday

This is a quick step to help keep your cuticles soft and pushed back.  Dry, cracking and over grown cuticles can be a problem year round but as the months get colder it gets harder to maintain pretty fingers.

When you step out of the shower your hands are softened from the steam.  Take this oppurtunity to gently push your cutlicles back when you dry off.  All you have to do is use your towel to quickly push them away from growing up the nail.  Add your moisturizer generously.  I make the most of my facial cream in this step, read my method here.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How To Lessen the Appearance of Wrinkles with Makeup

A common question I get is how to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  The quickie makeup fix uses concealer and highlighter.  The resulting look softens the lines, especially diminishing their appearance in photos due to the light reflecting pigments found in highlighter.

1.  Even your skin tone as you normally would.  Always start with a moisturizer.

2.  Dab a concealer that is not drying along the lines you are targeting.  Dry concealer will settle in the lines making them more obvious so choose wisely.

3.  Using a highlighter pencil draw on top of the lines, dab with your finger to soften the edges.  Use your pinky finger to apply on top of the lines if your highlighter is not in the pencil form.

Simple, quick and easy!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Pretty in Pink | The Nail Files

I polished this Mani in a few shades of pink and added the breast cancer ribbon on my thumb.  The salon in which I work is all a buzz with fund raisers and promotions in support of Breast Cancer awareness. My mani joined the decor and cause this week, of course my thoughts did as well.

Joining The Nail Files this week!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Exfoliate for Better Hydration | Tip Off Tuesday


For your moisturizer to penetrate beyond the skin's surface and provide softening, supple moisturization don't forget to exfoliate 2-3 times per week.

Slough off the old skin cells so all your ingredients and hydration aren't just laying on the top layer of your skin.  The benefits of proper and regular exfoliation  include:
  • Increased penetration of all your other products.
  • Toning of the skin.
  • Brightening of your complexion.
  • Increased cellular turnover, revealing more youthful and healthy skin.
Many exfoliation products are on the market.  Choose one that works for your skin type and add it into your regular routine if you are not already doing so. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Find Me

Lots of changes in my world off line have led to changes online. 

I frequently share tips of my own and some of my favorite finds from across the industry on twitter.  Join me there @amariebeauty.

If you are looking for my tips and product revelations please come and read my weekly feature, American Beauty, on USALoveList.com.  Every Thursday I share some of the latest and greatest product finds paired with some useful information. 

I am going to bring some new posts on and continue Tip Off Tuesday right here on AmarieBeauty as well. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tip Off Tuesday | Keep Your Skin Plump, Free Anti-Aging!

skin care
Collagen and Elastin play a large role in keeping our skin's youthful appearance.  Collagen gives our skin strength.  Collagen fibers bind and attract water to keep the skin hydrated.  Elastin gives our skin flexibility, it keeps it bouncing back and looking toned.

Aging decreases both collagen and elastin production causing skin to sag and wrinkles to form.  Proper skin care is crucial for the preservation of your facial appearance.  To keep that production up, stimulate the fibers often by massaging in your creams and giving brief pressure point massage (Shitasu) to the common areas of concern.

See the Shiatsu post for more information.  This is my favorite free anti-aging tip!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Minimize Wide Set Eyes | Tip Off Tuesday

makeup corrections for wide set eyes

How to minimize the appearance of wide set eyes.
  • Apply a darker shade of eye shadow from the inner corner of the eye toward your nose.  
  • Blend a lighter shadow from the middle toward the outer corner.
  • Apply mascara with inward strokes. 
That is the basic makeup correction for wide set eyes.  Dark colors have a minimizing effect so using this technique draws the space together.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Arm Party | Handmade Accessorizing

Earrings used to be my must have, do not go without accessory but that changed to bracelets some time ago.  I especially love custom and hand made jewelry so when I heard about the Arm Party I was all over it.

The hosts of the fabulous exchange are:
Leonora of Yellow Heart Art and Ilene of Much Love, Illy


I usually just make things on a whim, I dig around in my supplies, searching for things that I find to meet the crazy vision that has randomly popped into my head.  This usually steers me way off coarse and leads to under production of things that should happen but to the production of fabulous jewelry.

To design my Arm Party bracelet for Janeen my exchange partner I did not veer to far of my usual creative course.  I did check her blog out to troll for ideas and thanks to the Arm Parties handy, dandy, little google doc, I had an email telling me what colors she was in to.  I made her two bracelets, one using vintage buttons and the other using tee shirt scraps.  Go check  Wild Vanilla Designs to see her reveal of the goods I mailed for the Arm Party.

The bracelet I received from Janeen was crafted for me with thought.  She went through my blog and totally "got me".  She inclosed a sweet note card and my bracelet was tucked in a pretty little bag.  The clasp is my favorite part and I am obsessed with it.  The purple wire is killer.  Her work is very detailed and done flawlessly.  Here it is...

How about a front shot...

I am a pleased party par taker.  I love the look of three in one.  The metal is beautiful and does not irritate my skin.  The colors are the business!  Looking forward to seeing other designs in the Arm Party link up.

Anyone have a favorite, unconventional, material they like to use when creating jewelry?  I love to repurpose so unconventional material is usually the method to my madness.   Designs for jewelry is not my specialty, it is my favorite hobby.  My craft is being a Makeup Artist and licensed Esthetician, the premise of this place is sharing tips, beauty DIY's and skin care info.  Please stick around and poke through some posts!  XOXO

I will be back later today with my usual Tip Off Tuesday!

You can find Janeen at here site Wild Vanilla Designs or on twitter @wildvanilla.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Turqouise Fashion Love

Turquoise Beauty

Turquoise Beauty by amariebeauty featuring deborah lippmann nail polish

Turquoise is one of my favorite colors of summer, anytime really.   Summer suits it so well and I wear out!  Anyone else accent with turquoise like a fiend?  Turquoise is a color that adds personality to any look.  All it takes is a pop for some impact.

turqouise pop

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hydrate Your Skin by Drinking Water | Tip Off Tuesday

Drink More Water

One of the easiest and most overlooked ways to keep your skin hydrated is by drinking enough water.  By keeping your body system running optimally with plenty of water you do your skin a huge favor.  Great skin is about more than what you put on it, what goes in your body matters most.

When your body isn't getting enough water it pulls the hydration from every available source it can leaving your pretty skin dull, depleted and dehydrated. 

Drink up!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Lilla Rose Flexi Clip Review | An Updo Shortcut!

I am not much of hair do'er.  I give myself a nice blow out and smooth it with the flat iron to wear it down for about twenty minutes before pulling it up ASAP.  It works and I like the method to my madness but its not exactly polished.

I now have a go to, quick do, that can be formal, casual or business that takes no longer than pinning up a messy bun but is more refined.  It is the Lilla Rose Flexi-Clip.  It is a seemingly simple design with a patented pin and beaded wire design.

Once my clip arrived, I thought to myself, no way is this clip going to flex around hair.  It seemed to stiff.  Well, it's not stiff.  Somehow while being ultra durable it is also flexible enough to work around hair with ease.

It took me no more than sixty seconds to have my hair up and looking fantastic, in the french roll none the less.

They have simplistic designs as well as full on glitz clips.  I choose the gold Celtic Knot design.  The quality of the clip is well made.  The ease of use is unbelievable.  It is a hair game changer ladies.  With the Flexi-Clip bad hair days are null.  Bobby pins used to be my hair rescuer of choice, and I still love them, but if time is of the essence I pick up the Flexi-Clip.  No fuss, no muss and it is done.  

Watching the Lilla Rose sizing and styling video is a helpful and important tool in choosing the right size clip.  It is important to order the correct size to be completely satisfied with your Flexi-Clip.  If you so happen to choose the wrong size Lilla Rose will glady exchange your clip for free within 90 days.  There is also a 1 year guarantee for defective items. 

Independent Consultant Jennie Stocks is giving away a certificate, valued up to $16, for a Flexi-Clip of the winners choice.  There are multiple ways to enter the giveaway.  Just click the Do it! button for instructions on each entry.

The giveaway will close at midnight, 8/27/12.  Good luck!  A winner will be selected randomly, their entries verified and notified by email.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
[Disclosure: Amarie Beauty received this product unconditionally for review purposes. My opinions are my always my own, fair and honest.  This giveaway is sponsored by Independent consultant Jennie Stocks.]

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to Lift Drooping Eyelids Using Makeup | Tip Off Tuesday

Drooping or low eyelids can be visually lifted using makeup to correct the look.  Obviously this is no miracle, we won't be picking up a scalpel or anything just using a little cosmetic correction technique. 
  • Keep the under area of the outer brow tweezed to provide a better arch.
  • Use eyeshadow to shade along the eyelid fold, blend and smudge outward.
  • Place highlighter directly under and along the eyebrow arch.
  • Eyeliner should be applied very thin and thickened slightly at the outside corner in a point to provide a lifted look.
The RIGHT eye pictured marked R has the eyebrows tweezed less and no highlighter added.
The LEFT eye pictured marked L was tweezed using the method described above and the highlighter was added along the arch.

In doing the outlined steps above you keep the attention from drawing downward and away from the lowering eyelid.
Highlighter on the arch of the brow is a nice way to showcase any eye type.  Keep those eyebrows looking precise and held in place using this DIY brow gel.

side note:  I realize my eyelids aren't exactly hanging low but you get the idea of how you can open and lift the space.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Make Nail Polish Last Longer | Tip Off Tuesday

Keep your favorite polish looking good longer.  Instead of shaking it before polishing your nails roll it between the palms of your hands for thirty seconds, give or take a few ;)  It mixes as evenly, creates less air bubbles and keeps the polish running smooth longer. 

Read more nail polish and manicure tips here.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Makeup for a Summer Bride

Summer Bride Makeup

Get a flawless complexion.
  • moisturize for the correct skin type
  • prime for long wear and oil control
  • conceal complexion imperfections
  • apply foundation for even coverage
  • add bronzer lightly along the apples of the cheeks through the temples, making a C shape
  • brush blush along the cheek bones and blend the edges for a natural glow
  • set with powder   
Romanticize the eyes. 
  • apply a neutral shade all over the lid, lash line to brow
  • contour with a few shades darker in the crease of the lid blending out well
  • add a darker shade just in the center of the crease where you contoured for depth
  • line the upper lash line and smudge only enough to create a soft line rather than harsh, repeat on the bottom
  • use a shimmering white highlighter shadow to line the eyebrow arch
  • highlight the inner corner by sweeping just a dab on
  • fill in eyebrows with brow pencil and blend
  • finish with mascara
Finish with a natural pout.
  • line lips with a lip toned liner
  • fill with a pale natural shade with lip conditioners 
Wedding day makeup varies based on the season and the bride.  This makeup collection is for a bride wanting a romantic natural look for a summer wedding that is outdoors.  For any outdoor event in the hot summer season a natural look works in your favor.

For your best looking face with any makeup look, know your skin type and pay attention to your skin care.  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wet Eyeshadow Pulls Double Duty | Tip Off Tuesday

Any eyeshadow can double as an eyeliner by simply wetting a liner brush or q-tip before dipping it in the eyeshadow color then applying..

You can also apply the eyeshadow wet all over the eyelid for bolder, more intense color, turning your eyeshadow into a double duty product.  Win win.

Monday, July 16, 2012

10 Summer Beauty Tips

I've got 10 of my favorite beauty tips on Mom2Memphis&Ruby's Fashion Days Summer Series.  Makeup, manicures and all things beauty make a huge impact on your personal style.  Fashion is more than just a outfit.  Head over there to check out the list.

Fashion Days :: Summer Beauty :: Amarie Beauty


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY Lip Exfoliation & Lip Plumping Bonus | Tip Off Tuesday

To keep your lips looking lush you can purchase lip exfoliation sets or even get lip treatments at your salon but to smooth your lips at home all you need is a toothbrush and a great lip moisturizer for this DIY beauty routine.

Gently brush your lips in circular motion with a wet toothbrush, do this until the flakes have fallen off and the dry areas are smooth.  Next wipe clean and apply a good quality lip product to moisturize.
Bonus alert!  Lips appear fuller after lip exfoliation.  This DIY treatment pulls double duty as a problem solver and lip plumper.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Palm Tree Nail Art | Step by Step

1. Apply your base all over color, allow to dry for a minute between coats and before starting art.

2. Make the trunk by using your brush to make to small lines next to each other.  Each line slightly curves away from the other.

3. Add a leaf using a thin brush stoke that tapers off at the end.  Fill in with two more leaves on each side and one just off center.

4. Slightly overlap the dark green with a lighter shade near the center of the leaves, not entirely, just to give the leaves two tones.

5. Brush on a coat of glitter at the base of the tree for your sand and you are done.

If you like nail art try this super easy tribal pattern.  Look through my entire nail polish tab for other manicure how to's and tips. 

The Summer Beauty Series has been fun!  See all the DIY's and tips here.

The Nail Files

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Virtual Eye Glasses Shopping

I have posted about enhancing your eye color using complimentary colors to your own eyes using eyeshadow but how about doing the same with glasses.  That will make your eye color pop right through the lenses even with a bare face.  I have green eyes so I tried some fun purple Miss Sixty frames.

Eyebrows are the frame of our faces but when we need to wear eyeglasses they tend to take center stage.  Choosing frames that compliment your face, don't steal all the beauty and coordinate with your makeup palette can be tough to accommodate and shopping can be an indecisive nightmare.

GlassesUSA.com is simplifying the process with the virtual try on feature which allows you to upload a photo of yourself and virtually try on pairs in your own home.  Buying things online always leaves a slight element of the unknown.  Here you have the added insurance that you chose the right frames because they offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

The price guarantee and virtual try on make shopping for eye glasses online less stressful.

There is something for everyone.  My favorite is the tortoise frame, I want them for everything!  The online store carries affordable multifocal glasses and has a huge selection of favorites in the designer boutique.   I am also loving the vintage style section they have.  It has more unique and definitive styles that many of us are after. 

tortoise shell glasses image courtesy of GlassesUSA.com
Don't forget to play with the virtual try on feature, I was surprised at the pairs I choose that I never would of picked up in the store that looked great.  Use code Blog10 for 10% off any prescription pair.    

This is a sponsored post by GlassesUSA.com.  All opinions are completely my own and based and my own experience.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to Make Your Lip Color Last | Tip Off Tuesday

Powdering lips gives lip color or gloss something to cling to for longer, smoother wear.

Simply dust your lips with a little powder before applying the lip color or gloss.  Make sure your lips are well moisturized and not chapped or both the powder and the lip color will soak in. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Beauty Series and the Digital Quilt Project

If you missed the Summer Beauty series catch up with all the DIY's and tips by clicking the button below.  This week I will be wrapping it up with a simple nail art pictorial. 

I also want to share this digital image Jen of Whitfield Awesome Blog designed for me.  She created the digital quilt project, go to the link at the bottom of the post to get the details and sign up for your own pretty piece!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Remove Mascara Mistakes | Tip Off Tuesday

Use a "magic" eraser to remove mascara or eyeliner smears.  
Take a qtip and lightly coat it in foundation.  
Use it as you would a pencil eraser and clean up the smears without wrecking your finished makeup.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Frizz Ease Sheer Solution Review | For Fine Hair

Most frizz fighting products are designed for thick hair but Frizz Ease Sheer Solutions is formulated to work on fine to medium hair. 

I have thin hair that also tends to get oily quick so any serum is usually a no-no for me.  I was able to get nice shine without the weighted down greasy look with the Sheer Solution.  They suggest using 10 drops and used about half that amount, using more made it look like I had product in and not just smooth hair.

*Light and clean smell.
*Soft and silky texture.
*Lightweight, doesn't make hair stringy.
*Eliminates the frizz entirely.

John Frieda has several products for frizz but Sheer Solutions was revolutionized just for fine hair.  The dual formula works by combining a light weight serum and smoothing elixir.  They actually separate in the bottle, you just shake to activate and combine before applying.

I recently made DIY beach wave hair spray and used some Sheer Solution in the recipe.

I received this product to review from Frizz Ease for BzzAgent.com. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Fourth of July Manicure Idea

I reviewed Priti NYC nail polish on USA Love List last week.  The sent us the Olympic inspired London 2012 Red White and Blue Kit.  Find out more about this eco friendly, non toxic, luxe polish on my weekly feature, American Beauty.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pinterest Link Up

The DIY Dreamer

Much to my own disadvantage I don't participate in link meet ups too often.  I always want to make sure that I can respect the hosts wishes and that it makes since for my blog to be there, ya know what I mean?  The D.I.Y. Dreamer is hosting a Pinterest link up and I am jumping in for this one.  I love the concept because it's many different perspectives and not just one niche making it a good opportunity to see some new things and find some fresh inspiration.

On Pinterest I pin a little bit of everything.  Style, makeup, crafts, kids, travel, funny and a board just for frills and fun.  Click the follow button below to join me on the digital pin board of addiction!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shimmer Eyeshadow Settles in Fine Lines | Tip Off Tuesday

Eyeshadow that is shimmering, metallic or containing glitter tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles. To avoid making lines more apparent use shimmer sparingly or not at all in delicate areas.  Instead opt for a little shimmer on your cheek bones or in your lip color.

Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY Sea Salt Spray | For Beachy Hair Waves

  • 4 tsp sea salt
  • 1 T hair gel
  • 8 oz  water
  • 1/2 tsp conditioner or serum
  • spray bottle - use an empty one, save your dollar, they add up I swear.  Plus you know that reducing and reusing is even better than recycling. 

I adapted this recipe from the girls blogging at Glamour.   For dry hair use less sea salt, if you hair tends to be oily this spray actually keeps it to a minimum a little longer because the salt is somewhat drying.  After I spray my damp hair with the beach wave spray I use the no heat wave method on a few sections of hair to give a few waves more definition.

Catch up with the entire Summer Beauty Series here.

Friday, June 15, 2012

How to Wear Jeans in the Summertime

Jeans in the Summertime

Jeans in the Summertime by amariebeauty featuring ksubi jeans

To keep cool wearing jeans this summer it's all about picking the right pair and pairing them with light and airy pieces.

- light weight denim cuffed jeans at the bottom
- light colored skinny jeans
- loose boyfriend jeans, the more holes the better the ventilation ;)

- tank tops
- flowy shirts
- light weight fabric

Wear your looks with sandals, my favorite part of fashion for the summer!
'ol Mother Hyder

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3 Tips to Prevent Ingrown hairs | Tip Off Tuesday

This list of shaving tips to prevent and minimize ingrown hairs was designed with a man's beard in mind (and those unsightly and painful razor bumps) but these very same actions work well for women dealing with the same issue.     
  • exfoliating brush or mitt, loosens hairs that are becoming ingrown and is the best prep before shaving
  • cleanser with salicylic acid, helps keep dead skin cells from layering up on the skins surface allowing new growth to come in unblocked
  • a shaving gel or cream that isn't just a foam, the foam based products can dry out and irritate your skin
Share this tip with a man who is need of some razor burn freedom and he will forever be grateful to you or stash the info for yourself or a friend to keep that bikini line looking smooth.

Monday, June 11, 2012

What I Am Doing On USA Love List | Update

I joined USALoveList.com as the contributing Beauty Editor earlier this year.  I love it!  It is a great thing to be part of team.  We recently went to the Bloggy Boot Camp Conference in Philly and got to know each other better.  Our Fashion Editor had to dash off but the site Founder and I went on to enjoy the evening in the city after soaking up all that new perspective.

Brainstorming over cocktails at sunset in a high rise is my kind of night.  If you live in or visit Philly you won't be disappointed with the cocktail list at R2L.  Unencumbered was my favorite drink of the night and it was delicious.

Back to online affairs.
I am reviewing and researching new and old products in USA Love List's efforts to promote American made products for consumers who wish to support those companies.  We don't just promote something because it's made in the USA, we sift through the products and companies to showcase only the best of quality.

A few of my favorite things about contributing on USA Love List.
- The crossover between made in the USA items and eco friendly items, not all things have the two in common but many do.
- Learning of many small companies producing fantastic things that could easily be loved mainstream.
- Discovering even more about product labels (I am label reading obsessed, I like to know the who, why, what, when and where in the stuff I use) the country of origin and the whole manufacturing process in general. 

Guess what I can't find that I really want to feature, makeup brushes made in the US.  Any takers on helping me scout some out?