Thursday, November 17, 2011

No Heat Quickie Hair Waves

Start with towel dried hair.  Work in a little mousse or gel.  For the next instructions follow the photo guide.

Once your hair is dry you can set it with a little hair spray or leave it as is, I like a little freeze spray reinforcement myself.  Other days, like super rushed ones, I walk right out the door with the hair twisted and let it loosen and dry as I get to where I am going.  Quick mirror check before venturing out of the car and voila, hair do done.  Just like that.


  1. Thanks! Try it, it's super easy.

  2. My hair would never dry! In winter, I wash my hair a 4pm, it's still wet the next morning at 6:30. Maybe in the heat of the summer I can try your trick!

  3. You must have thick hair! Me not so much so this is good for me all year round, haha. Summer would be a perfect time to try it.