Welcome, I am Angie and Amarie Beauty is a source pool for my makeup and beauty tips and tricks.

I was licensed as an Esthetician in 2006.   Shortly after my career plans were halted when our family moved across country and I turned stay at home mom.  I took a few clients independently for makeup sessions and brow shaping to keep my skills fresh and my brain sane.  **Update** I am currently licensed in Maryland and working as an Esthetician in a local salon.

I found myself dishing out advice to amp up at home beauty routines based off professional regimens with products available to anyone.  The technique of which you apply and routines that you keep are equally as important as the products you use. 

I believe that knowing and owning your own personal style is the first place to start to work any look.

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I am also the contributing Beauty Editor at USA Love List.