Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tip Off Tuesday: Shave with Conditioner

Swap your shaving cream for hair conditioner this winter.  Hair conditioner is designed to moisturize making it great for keeping your legs soft and smooth.  Fans of this method say they have fewer nicks and supple legs.

No need to use the pricey stuff.  Conditioner has plenty of sale and coupon offers.  Don't forget to check the clearance products or use up those hotel freebies.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Make Your Own Scarf with No Sewing

There are DIY scarf ideas galore on the web right now.  I love it because A. it's a way to repurpose old tee shirts and B. a scarf is the best accessory of the season!  I started with this fabulous no sew scarf that I found on Pinterest, thee best site ever for inspiration.

All you need is a couple old tee's and scissors.  Get the awesome instructions here at this crafty blog.  

It was a breeze.  I got it done in an episode and a half of catching up on one of my favorite t.v. shows.

The little red head modeled it for the picture.  She was quite a fan so we are making one for her next.  This one is packed up all pretty as a handmade gift for one of my favorite people this Christmas.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

No Heat Quickie Hair Waves

Start with towel dried hair.  Work in a little mousse or gel.  For the next instructions follow the photo guide.

Once your hair is dry you can set it with a little hair spray or leave it as is, I like a little freeze spray reinforcement myself.  Other days, like super rushed ones, I walk right out the door with the hair twisted and let it loosen and dry as I get to where I am going.  Quick mirror check before venturing out of the car and voila, hair do done.  Just like that.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Trying a Trend. Start in the Closet.

Try a look off the latest fashion pages by pairing things from your closet differently.  Use accessories to pull the look together.  Most trends die off after a season or two so look for bargain options when you are taking a trend for test drive.  

Looks from the 1970’s are a popular choice right now, this makes me very happy as it is a personal fave of mine.  It’s also easy to style.  Avoid the costume effect by borrowing from the vintage look and balancing it with the modern wear.  Even just adding a couple key accessories to a solid tee and jeans can capture the look.  

Here is a simply styled 70’s look pulled from my closet.

Bracelet's .50 - from different bangle sets picked up at random yard sale's all less then 50 cents
Shades $6 - grabbed 2 years ago on the beach in MD
Earrings .75 - clearance priced in the mall before feathers were popular
Jeans $5 and Tee $1 - picked up at the Salvation Army Thrift Store on separate occasions

If you are on the hunt look out for these classics from the 1970's era.  Layers, feathers, faux fur, eyelets, wide leg pants, bangles and long necklaces.  Think outside the box and enjoy styling!

I shared "what I wore" on Little Miss Mama's link up.  
Little Miss Mama

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tip Off Tuesday: Spritz Smarter

Skip the spritz on the wrist when putting on your perfume.  When you wash your hands you are washing it down the drain...  Instead spray onto these prime points for a longer lasting scent.

Near the crease of the elbow.
At the neck, just below the ears.
On the decolletage, just a fancy fun word for cleavage.   

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tip Off Tuesday: Enhancing your Eyes

If you are trying a bold color eyeshadow remember this tip before you check out.  When using an eyeshadow from the same color family as your own eye color select a lighter shade to make your eyes pop.  A darker shade “steals” the color and takes the focus off your eyes.  Another option is to choose a complimentary color to your eyes. Complimentary colors in any shade enhance and showcase your eye color.  Read this post to see what product I used and how I got the look.

scary! nearly naked eye
using purple to enhance green

Go get more eyeshadow info at the Sharing the Beauty link party!