Monday, June 4, 2012

Best Makeup for Hot Days

If you will be out in the heat, hot sun and maybe sweating a bit minimal makeup is a great option.  The less you have on the less greasy puddle and maintenance required.  I recommend the following beauty routine for a fresh summer face.
  • Moisturize before starting any makeup look using a moisturizer for your skin type, for days in the sun don't forget to choose one with SPF. 
  • Spot conceal blemishes, hyper pigmentation, dark circles or other problem areas.
  • Brush on Mineral Powder Foundation makeup to even out skin tone.  No mineral makeup for you?  Try a light weight tinted moisturizer followed up with a light dusting of loose powder.
  • Sweep on bronzer or blush, don't get crazy, keep it light.
  • Do something fun on the eyes using waterproof mascara and eyeliner that is smudge proof.  Pictures of my go to eye makeup for the beach will be this Tuesday's tip, come back for the easy how to.
  • Dress your lips up however you like with a lip product containing SPF.
Tote some blotting papers.  **Tip**The mineral makeup will have the least amount of makeup rub off when absorbing oil with the blotting papers.

If forehead shine is a problem use an oil absorbing primer to start with.

Both tinted moisturizer and mineral powder foundation is available with SPF.

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