Tuesday, June 12, 2012

3 Tips to Prevent Ingrown hairs | Tip Off Tuesday

This list of shaving tips to prevent and minimize ingrown hairs was designed with a man's beard in mind (and those unsightly and painful razor bumps) but these very same actions work well for women dealing with the same issue.     
  • exfoliating brush or mitt, loosens hairs that are becoming ingrown and is the best prep before shaving
  • cleanser with salicylic acid, helps keep dead skin cells from layering up on the skins surface allowing new growth to come in unblocked
  • a shaving gel or cream that isn't just a foam, the foam based products can dry out and irritate your skin
Share this tip with a man who is need of some razor burn freedom and he will forever be grateful to you or stash the info for yourself or a friend to keep that bikini line looking smooth.

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