Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bold Waterproof Eyeliner | Tip Off Tuesday

A good makeup look for the beach that will keep you looking polished is bold eyeliner.

Water makes it tough to keep a made up face but if you want to add a little flavor that will stay put do a bold thick stroke of eyeliner along the top eyelid.  Pair that with waterproof mascara.

This look adds personality to the beauty routine for the heat I published on Monday as part of the Summer Beauty Series.


  1. Great tips!!! Have you found a waterproof mascara that is really actually waterproof?

    1. Yes, Maybelline Falsies waterproof works great.

  2. ah, yes, waterproof EVERYTHING in case of water and sweat. Gotta love summer.

  3. I do love summer! The sweat not so much, so gross.