Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pinterest Link Up

The DIY Dreamer

Much to my own disadvantage I don't participate in link meet ups too often.  I always want to make sure that I can respect the hosts wishes and that it makes since for my blog to be there, ya know what I mean?  The D.I.Y. Dreamer is hosting a Pinterest link up and I am jumping in for this one.  I love the concept because it's many different perspectives and not just one niche making it a good opportunity to see some new things and find some fresh inspiration.

On Pinterest I pin a little bit of everything.  Style, makeup, crafts, kids, travel, funny and a board just for frills and fun.  Click the follow button below to join me on the digital pin board of addiction!

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  1. I will follow you... Follow you where ever you may go...

  2. I don't participate in link-ups very often either. I only think about them after I've already written a post up for the day! :o/

    Following you on Pinterest now!