Friday, June 8, 2012

Recycled Tee Shirt Into DIY Swim Suit Cover

Use an over sized muscle tee and scissors to make a comfy swim suit cover.   Tribal designs are fun and I cut this design to mimic the popular print.

1.  Draw the pattern with a washable marker.
2.  Cut where you have marked to make slits in the tee shirt.
3.  Game time decision, add more lines to make your design more fun.
4.  Using a stretchy strip of fabric to tie the back together to expose some shoulder.  I have a stock pile of old tees that I have cut into scraps and strips for various projects but if you don't simply cut the bottom of your over sized tank off and use that scrap.  Wrap it around and tie tightly to secure, cut off excess.
Lastly wash and wear.
I blog about beauty, skin care and the like but in my time off line I am an avid reduce, reuse and repurposer.  Most of the projects don't have a place here but I have posted some in the past, check out the projects below.

Repurposing without crafting.
Kid Style:  A restyled skirt. 
Tis' the season to repurpose and wrap it up.


  1. I love the idea of tying the back with scraps!

    1. Thanks, I make tons of stuff with scraps.

  2. You have been awarded!

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