Friday, June 1, 2012

Beauty Beach Bag Essentials | Summer Beauty

Beach Bag Beauty Essentials

Keeping a fresh pulled together look poolside or lounging on the beach can be tough.  Water and sunshine have a way of making a mess of things.

I am not a fan of toting a bunch of things on my outdoor ventures.  I also want to be put together without over doing it so I am comfortable and looking decent.  Here is my list of beauty essentials for summer.
  • sunblock  Spf is a face and body must for healthy skin, prevention of sunburn and premature aging.
  • body spray  Refreshing and a lighter scent than a heavier perfume, perfect for summer.
  • blotting papers  Absorb oils pooling on the face without removing all your makeup.
  • tinted moisturizer  Semi evened out coverage and SPF protection combo available.
  • waterproof mascara  Keeps lashes lovely and raccoon eye smears away.
  • waterproof eyeliner  Gives a finished look without smudging off.
  • makeup remover wipes  When all else fails wipe away and start over or go bare faced with SPF of course.
  • lip balm with SPF  Avoid dried out lip burn by using this stuff often.
The Summer Beauty Series continues next week with a fun look using the waterproof liner, a DIY and makeup for the heat.

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