Sunday, October 30, 2011

Season of the Scarf

Season of the Scarf

You can spend a small fortune on this little accessory or save a little cash without skipping on style.  A scarf is a great outfit upgrade.  It adds an instant layer and keeps you cozy. 

1717 Olive black shawl
$98 -

French Connection acrylic scarve
$88 -

Basile long scarve
$74 -

Spun by Subtle Luxury fringed shawl
$48 -

Quiksilver chunky scarve
$33 -

Old Navy knit scarve
$15 -

Forever21 knit scarve
$9.50 -

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Costumes on the Cheap | Shop Your Closet

Hello Halloween on the Cheap

Shop your closet for a quick and creative costume.  Store bought Halloween costumes aren't coming cheap these days and they can be a little lack luster.  So stash your cash and use what ya got!  Everyday items can be paired together in different ways to make a killer costume.  Think outside the box and you are sure to score.  Amp it up with over the top makeup and hair that coordinate with your character or costume.  If you find you are just shy a few pieces or accessories of a complete ensemble borrow from a friend, hit the thrift store or dollar retailer to make it work on a dime.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tip Off Tuesday: Keep Your Polish Flowing Freely

Polish is pricey so why not make it last!  These quick tips will keep your nail colors from thickening up on you.

  • don’t shake the bottle, roll between your palms for a minute before applying
  • store bottles upright in a cool dry location
  • keep from gobbing the polish all over the brim of the bottle

Lastly if you find yourself needing to do some thinning don’t use nail polish remover or acetone.  Polish thinner is available for around $5 and works like a charm.  The chemical make up in remover actually hardens the polish after the initial use and causes your mani to chip.
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