Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY Fresh Facial Glow at Home

Facial Fresh Glow

Cleanse.  Take this daily step and slow it down to be thorough.  Remove all makeup, even the residual mascara and elusive eyeliner.
Try added this unconventional method, it's an extra step but it's free and effective!

Steam.  Once your face is bare steam it with a hot towel to open your pores.  See tips for a good towel steam here.

Extract.  If you have any blemishes now is the time to get rid of those.  Please never pick, use a needle or scrape at your face.  It can scar or become infected.  If a blemish is ready to be extracted it can be removed with proper technique.  You will know if it’s ready... big white head, check, pores filled with black/white heads, check.  For my tips on technique see the notes at the bottom of the post.

Massage.  Clearly this step is much better if someone else is doing it but the function of it is all the same.  The massage stimulates cellular turnover, helping to rid dead skin cells and let younger ones surface revealing healthier, more glowing skin.  It also stimulates collagen production to help skin stay taught and plump.  You can buy inexpensive massage cream formulated for the face at beauty supply stores.  I actual use the generic of Cetaphil’s gentle cleanser because I always have that on hand. Rinse well. 

Scrub.  Use a gentle exfoliant to get all the massage cream removed from your face and smooth the skins surface.  Let the scrub do the work and use gentle motions when applying.
Mask.  Now your skin is prepped and ready to receive some treatment.  Apply a mask based on what you are targeting.  For instance a moisture builder, acne clearer or oil controller.  Avoid alcohol based masks and look for ingredients with some acting power.  Follow specific product instructions for application.

this is the time to apply any additional serums or treatment products if you so desire.  I am a sensitive skin gal so I stick to the basics.
Moisturize.  Slather your choice of moisturizer on in an upward motion.  Use something for your skin type.  Moisturizing seals in all the good stuff and creates a protective barrier against the bad stuff like free radicals, weather and sunshine when using an SPF.

Blemish Clearing.
Wait until it is ready, as in has a head that is white or dark.  Use pressure not picking.  Draw it out between your index fingers.  Some never will quite be ready thus never need “popped” simply treated with a spot clearing cream or dried out with a clay mask.  You know the ones, the nasty undergrounders.  If its resistant hold a hot cloth over it to loosen it up.

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  1. I use the "Mark for goodness face " it is awesome not greasy and makes the skin feel supple

  2. I really need to try that Mark for goodness face. Thanks for linking up and your tweets! Hope to see you linking up again soon.