Monday, April 16, 2012

How to Stipple on your Foundation

Stippling is, was and always will be the most valuable makeup lesson I was taught.  You want coverage?  You'll get it with this quick and easy technique.  First some general notes about applying liquid foundation.

Always apply to moisturized skin.  Skipping this step causes the makeup to settle into fine lines, highlight dry spots and wear off faster.  Moisturizer acts as a primer and preps the skin.  Primer can also be used after moisturizer, not in place of, to get even longer wear.

Video notes.
  • Apply a light, even amount of foundation with your sponge.
  • Load your sponge with foundation, using about a pea size amount per facial area.
  • Pat the makeup on to your face, pressing the sponge into your skin and lifting it on to the next space without rubbing or wiping it on.  Wiping or dragging the sponge removes some of the makeup. 
  • Do a second layer where more coverage is needed.
  • Finish with powder.
I used Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush in Nude and Cover Girl loose powder in translucent fair in this video. 
      naked face
      stippled coverage

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      1. Nice video! And even nicer to see your face. It makes a BIG difference to do your foundation that way. I suppose the sponge is a must too?

      2. You have fantastic skin. I didn't even notice the so-called redness you talked about. Beautiful!

        This was super helpful. I'm definitely going to try it! One question, how many times can you use the same sponge before you throw it away?

      3. The first makeup brush I ever bought was a skunk brush for stippling. I might have to grab some sponges in the future though.


      4. thank you for the tip! i am always interested in how others put their makeup on, i like to learn! lol :) and your skin is flawless!

      5. I added these before and after pics so you could actually see the redness I am talking about. The lighting in my bathroom hid that in the video. New location for the next video!

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      8. Oh wow. Definitely a great tutorial. Will have to try this technique tomorrow.
        Thanks for sharing this.

        New follower from the blog hop.

      9. Great tip and thanks for sharing!

        I am now following your blog dear!



      10. ah, i just want to make a tutorial video too >.<
        anyway, following you now, follow me back?