Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fight Lack Luster Skin on an Airplane | Tip Off Tuesday

The stale air in an airplane depletes the skin of moisture leaving it dehydrated.
Traveling Skin Tip

To keep your skin looking it's best when flying use a water, not oil based moisturizer.  As the skin dries out it draws whatever is on the surface through the pores in an effort to stay hydrated.  If it's pulling a water based moisturizer it can be absorbed and skin has a fighting chance of staying supple.  If there is a heavy weight oil based moisturizer it is not easily absorbed by the pores and as it pulls what ingredients it can  the heavier oils are left pooling on your face leaving behind a greasy complexion.

Pack light, on your face at least.  The more makeup you have on the bigger the mess it can be.  Apply your water based moisturizer and some light makeup for the best results.  Touch up or add more before you land to complete your look if you have to be ready to roll upon arriving.


  1. I hate flying...
    But now at least my face can stay hydrated while I am fearing the worst...

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