Friday, December 9, 2011

Sparkle for the Holidays

vintage necklace and sparkle polish

Ugly sweaters everywhere can stay stuffed in the attic.  You can look festive without sporting santa, candy canes or Christmas trees.  To sparkle this holiday season, dress up your usual style with some accessories. Don’t forget to spread the holiday cheer to your manicure.  The little touches make a big impact. 

The sparklers of this outfit are my vintage jeweled bow tie necklace gifted to me by my grandmother and OPI's Visions of Sugar Plum from 2009's Holiday Collection.  The blazer is American Eagle and top is Relativity.
Some choice colors for the holiday season are wintery whites, blues, plum, gold and silver. The standard green and red work too, especially when you break away from the traditional colors and go with emerald or a brick red.  It gets the point across and looks upgraded.  Cori at la vie petite has great accessorizing tips to share in her post, trim your-self.

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