Thursday, July 5, 2012

Virtual Eye Glasses Shopping

I have posted about enhancing your eye color using complimentary colors to your own eyes using eyeshadow but how about doing the same with glasses.  That will make your eye color pop right through the lenses even with a bare face.  I have green eyes so I tried some fun purple Miss Sixty frames.

Eyebrows are the frame of our faces but when we need to wear eyeglasses they tend to take center stage.  Choosing frames that compliment your face, don't steal all the beauty and coordinate with your makeup palette can be tough to accommodate and shopping can be an indecisive nightmare. is simplifying the process with the virtual try on feature which allows you to upload a photo of yourself and virtually try on pairs in your own home.  Buying things online always leaves a slight element of the unknown.  Here you have the added insurance that you chose the right frames because they offer a 100% money back guarantee. 

The price guarantee and virtual try on make shopping for eye glasses online less stressful.

There is something for everyone.  My favorite is the tortoise frame, I want them for everything!  The online store carries affordable multifocal glasses and has a huge selection of favorites in the designer boutique.   I am also loving the vintage style section they have.  It has more unique and definitive styles that many of us are after. 

tortoise shell glasses image courtesy of
Don't forget to play with the virtual try on feature, I was surprised at the pairs I choose that I never would of picked up in the store that looked great.  Use code Blog10 for 10% off any prescription pair.    

This is a sponsored post by  All opinions are completely my own and based and my own experience.


  1. I have always, always, always wanted glasses but never needed them. I'm considering buying frames with fake lenses but must admit that I feel kinda dumb about it.

  2. When people first started doing that I thought it was wacky too but really its just another fun accessory. Total face changer.

  3. I play on that website all the time... I was thinking about doing a post about it.


    1. It is madly addicting once you get started! xoxo right back at you.