Friday, March 2, 2012

Trends Simplified: A Piece of Pastel, Not the Whole Cake.

I love black, so I planned on skipping the pastel thing all together until I became obsessed with it.  The colors are just catchy.  I do not have, or want, the kind of style that screams Easter Bunnies little helper and I know many of you out there can relate.  So here are a few ways to try pastels just a little bit.
Piece of Pastel

Add any of the accessories to your regular ensemble for a pop of the spring trend.  Get a little bolder with an outfit like pictured above, use a neutral of your choice to anchor it and make your own.

Who is trying pastel and how?



  1. Being very fair skinned, I am afraid of pastels. I adhere to Stacy and Clinton's rule of jewel tones. But once in a while I want to look soft and sweet. Perhaps I'll give pops of pastel a try this spring!

    1. Stacy and Clinton are my favorite stylists. They are right and sarcastic, can't beat that! I share the very fair skin right there with you.