Monday, March 12, 2012

My Favorite Hair Tool - To the Rescue...

You can make a hairstyle happen with nothing more than a few of these.  When your hair is just not listening, don't fight it, reach for the bobby pins.
  1. Pin back unruly bangs.
  2. Secure a top knot.
  3. Gather, twist and pin a messy bun.
bobby pins

Of course they come through in a pinch but they are great to have on hand for an actual planned hair style too.  The messy bun is my go to do.  Love it and my bobby pins.  The fun colored pins are from Forever 21 but my number 1 tool is these pins from Sally Beauty Supply matched to my hair color.  
My favorite hair stylist once tipped me off on using bobby pins and getting the style to stay put.  Don't pull the pins apart when securing them to your hair.  Slide them in toward the scalp with the open end facing away from your hair line.  It works!

For more hair tool faves visit Yellow Heart Art.  Yellow Heart Art, Things and The Trunk Blog are hosting a series of beauty link ups and posts each week.  Check it out, there is already some great tips on all three blogs with more to come.


  1. I am a bobby pin addict so I am glad that I am not alone! Thanks so much for linking up to the Share the Beauty party : )

  2. I totally agree, bobby pins are a life saver!