Monday, March 19, 2012

Hair Health for Thin Hair and Hypothyroidism

Last week the Share the Beauty series started off with favorite hair tools and this week it's all about hair health. 

I have thin hair.  I have an under active thyroid which is usually treated with a daily pill but occasionally it gets out of wack even with that.  Hair loss is one of the problems.  I lost about a quarter of my hair during my last phase of out of wackness so as it fills back in I need to protect what I have left.  Oh and if that is not enough of a pain the medicine used to regulate Hypothroidism can also contribute to hair loss when used long term. 

I use sulfate free shampoo to eliminate some of the extra chemicals in traditional shampoo and treat my hair gently. 

Renpure Organics Volumizing Shampoo is my daily shampoo.
It does not strip my hair of all moisture therefore making it resistant to damage and breaking, I lose much less hair with this as my primary shampoo.  Hair styles hold better and are easier to style when your hair is not squeaky clean a.k.a striped.  I get good volume using just this shampoo, a round brush and my hair dryer.

Occasionally, less than every 2 weeks and depending on how many products I have used, I do need to clarify my hair with a traditional shampoo or it gets the greasy look. 

I also use Evening Primrose Oil to promote the regrowth of healthy hair and protect the fragile hair I have.  This most definitely slowed the rate at which my hair was falling out and I am having faster re-growth with the addition of this supplement as opposed to when I did not use it.

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  1. oooh, i'll have to try that first shampoo, sounds great!