Friday, January 27, 2012

Basics for Uptown

personal photo

I compiled a list of casual wardrobe essentials that consisted of lots of basic pieces for every day wear.  This next set of clothing applies the same principal for dressed up looks.  Start with some solids that can be mixed and matched together and with your casual wear.  You can easily dress up your basic pieces for meetings, appointments and evenings out by adding some elements from your dress wardrobe.
uptown staples

Here are 8 ways to mix and match your casual wardrobe with your dress wardrobe.  
  • Add a blazer to jeans and a tee with heels.
  • Put heels on with jeans and a tunic or shirt dress.
  • Dress down a dress with a cardigan, leggings and flats.
  • Pair suit pants with a white button down and long necklace.
  • Use a clutch with leggings, layering a tee, tank and sweatshirt.
  • Wear a shirt dress with tights, boots and a blazer.
  • Put a cami under a white button down, leave it unbuttoned and pair with jeans.
  • Pair a fitted tee with suit pants and flats.


  1. Love love that blazer, the subway picture is great also.....

    1. I wear my blazer like that one at least twice a week! The subway pic is a phone pic from the last time we were there.