Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Bathroom Drawer. More About Me

Here is how I store my makeup goods.

When I make new purchases I leave it out of the drawer for new product stalking pleasure, that is short lived.  My inner OCD takes over and I must organize it to its 'home'.  My daughters share my need to display stuff they love, not the inner OCD.  Truly I am a neat freak so this can make me slightly insane but then I remember that I raise them to be there own little person and I step off, to a point, I have to monitor the situation to keep it from becoming dirty hamster territory.  That brings me to this theory...

My room is not a mess.  Everything is just on display.  Like a museum.  -Unknown

A favorite of my fourteen year old and many other teenager I am sure.
I will take my organization please.


  1. I absolutely love that quote... I am OCD too and my boyfriend like to put everything out "on display" all the time.. Drives me bananas.

  2. You should seriously see my 14 years old room. She even arranges receipts and tags from her favorite stores. Seriously.