Friday, January 20, 2012

Comfy gets Cuter


Comfortable clothes are a necessity for working out and want for everyday living.  Being 'just' comfy can become a habit and with all kinds of busy hectic lifestyles that's okay.  You can take your easy clothes and turn them into more stylish outfits for running errands rather than just shlepping on the workout wardrobe and hitting the town.  After all you never know where the day might take you and its always nice to look prepared.

Any accessory is helpful in pulling an outfit together.  It gives the I care, I tried, about how I look feel.  Seriously try it…even with yoga pants, especially with yoga pants.  Picture it.  A cute tunic, jacket or tee, comfy stretchy pants and casual flats.  Now throw on an accessory and all the sudden you have the messy up do of outfits.

Speaking of up do’s…  
Give your casual/busy girl hair do an upgrade. Skip the simple pony tail and do a high bun, side bun, messy bun, okay I like buns but here is some other ideas…
  • side braid
  • low pig tails
  • fishtail braid
  • faux bob


  1. Nice look!

  2. I love that stylish on the go look you put together- just proves that you can look cute while doing errands! I definitely have combination skin and I am the worst at moisturizing- something I have to start!

    1. Your face will thank you for it by giving you less wrinkles later in life :)

  3. Replies
    1. Glad you like, I LOVE being comfy, haha!