Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's in That Bag? Makeup To Go

I showed you how to stock your emergency beauty bag here.  How about I show you mine.

I like to have a small and easily totable makeup bag in my purse just in case I am on the fly and in need of a little pick me up to look like I belong in civilization, or at least awake.  I posted a tip about perking up with blush and neutral eyeshadow here so those are my must have's to stash in your on the go makeup supply. 

The lip gloss and mascara are part of a hook up set from Mark.  The eyeshadow is a light highlighter shade from Sephora's label.  The cream blush is mousse from Maybeline.  I like cream for quickie makeup because you don't need a brush.  Tinted moisturizer is not my fave but in a pinch you can get it on fast, evenly and get light coverage.



  1. Cute make up bag I must say! Thank you for sharing!



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  3. I love your makeup bag!
    Your blog is really cute!

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  4. Blog Hopping today, I enjoyed viewing your blog, I am a follower now! Please give a me a looksie too!