Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beautification Habits

I feel that people can connect better to info if they know a little about the source.  The side story helps me to decide what company or whose blog is for me.  So with that being my tool for weeding through things I figure I will dish some of that out for anyone who bumps into my blog.
The premise here is the beauty scene so I am going to kick things off with some beautification habits of mine.

  • I loathe other people doing my mani and pedi.  I am obsessive compulsive about the shape of my nails.
  • I always raise one eyebrow much like the arch of The Joker when looking in the mirror.  My family finds this hysterical.
  • I rarely use anything but a warm water steam to clean my face because my skin is so sensitive.  It stays red for an hour with typical cleansers. 
  • I remove my eye makeup with eye cream.  Wipe on, massage in just a bit and remove with a damp cotton square. 
Growing up this was my ideal makeup vision.
Source: via Angela on Pinterest

My current vision looks more like this.

I actually love both at this point.

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