Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kid Style: Miss Matched and Managed Storage

The mis matched price breakdown.  My out of pocket cost $3.
headband / Dollar Tree $1
sweater / Target $0 hand me down (hand me down from sister org. $12)
shirt / Gap $0 birthday gift
scarf / $0 borrowed from sister
leggings / $0 birthday gift
socks / Dollar Tree $2
boots / Wal-Mart $0 Christmas gift

Buying ahead, second hand and hand me downs is the only way I keep that budget of $20 for a five year old.  I am a fan of reducing and reusing, clothing applies.  However I am not a fan of hoarding so we have a good system to keep the clothing cycle stored in an organized fashion. 

I have a three bin cart, laundry tote and shopping bag.  The cart is in my laundry room so I can sort clothes as if it is part of the laundry when the need arises and not create an extra sorting pile or task for later on.  Each bin has a job.
  • clothes to sell
  • clothes to keep for growing into
  • shoes and more clothes for growing into   
When someone outgrows something or items come into the house I get it right from the dryer to the right bin.

The shopping bag tucks right behind the cart for clothing items to donate.  When its full I drop it off, after I drive it around in my trunk for weeks.  The small tote goes on a shelf in my daughters closet and is for all the things that she will wear soon, her current size or size up.

I list my good quality clothing that we will not use or have gently used on Thred-Up.  When someone picks a box I print a pre-paid label off their web site and send the flat rate box out.  Once my items are received I get paid via PayPal!  It's a low hassle community.

310996_250x250 $5 for clothes

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  1. This is such a great post! I have a 5 year old too, and I try to keep the budget low as she grows out of her clothes very soon 9And I am glad for it!:-) Love the idea of keeping bins and organizing!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leave a sweet comment! I like your blog too..will be tuning in again;-)
    Have a hood day!