Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tip Off Tuesday: Whiter Teeth with Red Lipstick

Going to try the red lip this year?  When you choose your shade select one with a blue base rather than orange.  The blue hue undertone will make your teeth look whiter. 
NYX Matte Red Lipstick, Pure Red


  1. can i rock red lips???
    Seriously the other day I was in Target wishing I had you on speed dial.

    1. I love it Courtney! You can rock it. From looking at your pictures you have a good complexion which makes red lips easier. You def have the moxie! Apply good full coverage, contour some blush on, no heavy eye color but do get some mascara going good with some solid eyeliner. Shoot me an email if you want some more info. Big XO!