Monday, February 6, 2012

Makeup Brush Breakdown

There are tons more brushes but these five are the basics.  They fill the void, and totally improve, for the little makeup brushes that come with makeup and are quickly becoming obsolete.

1.  Applies blush.  The shape of the brush does some of the contouring for you and makes blending easy.

2.  Picks up lots of product allowing you to sweep it all over your eyelid quickly and evenly. 

3.  A blending tool, the smokey eye's best friend.  The point in the middle picks up more product so when you apply it to the crease of your eyelid it goes on darker in the center shading lightly around it.

4.  Used to dust loose powder and gives much better control than powder puffs.

5.  Applies liquid or cream foundation.  I get questions as to what this brush is for so I included it in the break down.  I prefer a wedge sponge to a brush because a sponge is easier, brushes can leave streaks without a little practice and know how.

Lena from Mom2MemphisAndRuby introduced me on her blog yesterday if you are visiting from there welcome and stick around for a quick tip tomorrow! 

Read about cleaning your brushes here.


  1. I recently noticed that most powders and such normally don't come with an application brush or pad now! I've been using Bare Minerals brushes for the past 2 years. Do you think those are good? Or do you have suggestions for better ones?

  2. What great info! I use Bare Minerals, too and love their brushes. I have one from Target that's good, too! I spent a little more for one from Merle Norman and the bristles fell out! EEEE! ♥

    1. Nothing worse than paying high prices for a let down. Glad you found something that held up!

  3. I love Bare Minerals everything! There brushes are great. Eco Tools have affordable brushes that last and work well. Sonia Kashuk, available at Target, makes a brush for every look and the quality is top notch.