Thursday, February 16, 2012

Kid Style: Current Looks from Clearance Racks, Hand Me Downs & Thrifts

Twenty dollars, give or take a few, is what I spent to dress my five year old this year and in the years before.  I use hand me downs, thrift buys and clearance sales to do that.

The cutest outfits off the ad pages can cost upwards of fifty bucks per outfit.  Not happening over here.  They outgrow those things to quick at this age for me to justify that cost so we use them as style inspiration to pump out cute, comfy and affordable outfits.

To make it work stock up on the basics in the off season by buying ahead for the next size when they are at the lowest price.  Zero in on the solids and outfit staples like jeans, leggings, tee's and tanks.  That way it is easy to pull things together to complete outfits and layer.  Shoes are no exception, boots can be bought for a few dollars in the spring and flip flops will be cents by fall.

What ever look your after or style your kid has give it a shot.

top - hand me down xs junior top restyled as a dress | tights - Children's Place clearance | boots - hand me down

Kid style is a new series I am going run here as it is part of my daily life as a mom to three fashion loving girls.  It makes a return next Thursday when I share how I keep extra clothes around without clutter or creating piles of work to sort out. 
Plus an adorable outfit styled to mimic the look of the pricey Little Miss Matched brand with a full price break down.

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  1. Look forward to this series! I am a big shopper of clearance racks and thrift stores... especially for children clothes.