Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What I Like: Beauty Buys Under $5

Beauty Secrets tweezers.  Has the precision of pricey tweezers with fun designs $1.49.

Sally Beauty Supply

Mr. Pumice Pumi Bar.  Softens feet miraculously $2.69.
Sally Beatuy Supply

Sea salt.  So many reasons but my number 1 is for a softening bath soak $1.

Dollar Tree
Art deco nail art pens.  Save lots of money doing your own mani and nail designs, kids love it too $1!

Dollar Tree
Qtips.  Crafter, beautifer, cleaner of things.  Good product, great beauty tool.


Five more I love that are all priced around $3.
  • Aussie Freeze hairspray.  Holds hair for hours like a bottle of twenty dollar Kenra spray.
  • Floss, any kind.  Not even kidding, clean healthy teeth go good with every outfit.
  • Cover Girl Cheekers.  Best inexpensive blush ever.  Applies easy and lasts all day.
  • Yardley bath soap.  This soap has minimal ingredients and still smells so good and is non-drying.
  • Sally Hanson Extreme Wear nail polish.  Pumps out great colors in full coverage and resists chips.
My ten inexpensive beauty buys can also be seen in the link below where Lena and friends share their list of ten things, check Lena's 10 fashion must have's, I completely agree with her.


  1. What great tips! Love finding good deals like these! ♥

  2. Beauty buys under 5 dollars love it, keep em coming ....