Monday, May 21, 2012

Graduation Day Makeup and Emergency To Go Bag

Graduation is a busy day with lots of photos being taken and close encounters being had, be prepared.
Start the day with moisturizer with SPF.  Moisturize to prime the face and get longer where out of your foundation.

A good rule of thumb for big days in your life is to wear your hair and makeup in a similar way as you normally do.  You want to A. look like yourself in the memories and B. feel comfortable on special days.
Add a little extra makeup to prevent being washed out in photo's but don't go over board, this is not glamour shots.
Graduation Day Emergency Beauty Kit

For touch ups and emergency beauty fixes stash items like these in a to go bag.  Some of you may have a huge to go bag, just don't forget to add these things for quick and crucial beauty problems. 

Quick Fix Items
  1. blotting papers - Big days get exciting, excitement can get greasy.
  2. powder - If said greasyness happens you may need to touch up.
  3. a small comb and hair band - If things get real ugly a girl can always revert to a messy bun!  
  4. body spray - see number 1
  5. mints - Lot's of up close and personal time, keep the breath fresh.
See what I stash in my makeup to go bag for when my face needs a little perk up.

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