Monday, May 14, 2012

Summer Beauty. Tips, DIY's and More!

It's time to gear up for summer beauty.  It's all whole series of summer pretty goodness.
Here is what's coming up.
  • A summer nail art pictorial.  
  • Makeup for the heat.
  • The pro pedicure breakdown.  See the pro mani steps here.
  • What to take in your makeup bag for the beach.
  • A tee shirt restyle.
...and more.  Need any special advice for this summer's beauty routine?  Ask away so I can feature your question and solve your dilemma.  Email me at, ask me on Twitter @amariebeauty or comment below.


  1. How about how to get rid of forehead shine during the day without simultaneously removing your makeup?

    And the best sunscreen for faces to keep them from breaking out?

    1. Sarah Kate, the fore head shine is annoying. Thanks for that, I will see what I come up with and be sure to include that.

      I have a couple different sunscreen posts coming to and haven't put that need in so now I will! Thanks again. xo

  2. This Arizona girl is looking forward to the Make-up for the heat tip!!! It's only going to be 106 today...

    1. Well I would pass out in 106, seriously.