Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY a Pro Pedicure at Home | How To

Sandal season is here so it's time to up your pedicure game.  Save $30. this week and do it yourself with these tips from the spa.

Of course your toes are not going to look as polished at home if you just whip out a quick polish change.  There is a method to the pro magic.  Follow these steps to get top notch results and save hundreds of dollars a year.
    Do It Yourself Pedicure

  1. Soak feet for about 5 minutes in a foot soak.
  2. Remove old polish.
  3. Clip, file and clean toe nails. 
  4. Massage in foot scrub, rinse well in your soak tub.
  5. Treat any callus at this time, use a callus softener then file in a circular motion using a foot file or pumice stone.  A product with Alpha Hydroxy Acid helps slough off the outer layer of dead skin making it a prime ingredient for callus softening.  Salicylic acid is easily found in acne treatment gels, that is what I use with much success. 
  6. Push back cuticles, then brush the nail bed with a wet nail brush.
  7. Apply lotion.
  8. Clean nails with polish remover, this removes the lotion from the nail to insure the polish will adhere for longest wear.
  9. Apply base coat,2 coats of color and a top coat.  Wait one minute between coats.
  10. Allow polish to sit and spray with a quick dry spray (optional).

This is post 2 of the Summer Beauty Series.  Read the intro and post 2, SPF for Lips.

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  1. This is amazing! Seriously you can use acne gel as a callus softener... Unbelievable...

    1. You know I like to drop the unbelievable on a girl. True story, Alpha Hydroxy Acid sheds that yucky skin and that is what Sal. Acid is. Rub it in a bit, let a sit and file away with super duper results.

  2. such great tips! its been a long week so i definitely need to try this out this weekend!

  3. I have Clean & Clear's Acne Spot Treatment for pimples, how can I use it on my feet? I just gave myself a pedi last night since I'm going to wearing open sandals tomorrow!

    1. Love pedi night! Just put the spot treatment on any hard callus area and rub it in, let sit an minute before you file and it really makes a difference at home much dry skin layers you remove.

  4. That is awesome. My wife's birthday is coming up and I know that she would like a DIY pedicure kit complete with all of these kinds of things, and pedicure tubs to boot. Thank you for the information on this. I'll have to look at a couple of different options before I make a decision, but this was very helpful!

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